Artefacts of Resistance: Creating Archives of Transnational Protest Movements

How can protestors balance their need for visibility and anonymity? This was one of the central questions of Artefacts of Resistance, an interdisciplinary project that brought together urban geographers and artists around some significant recent protests in India.
The concept costume by Manu Luksch addresses the protestors’ dilemma by transforming through movement [more info…]

Another response is the open-access media archive designed by Mukul Patel, which gathers audio interviews and other materials obtained through fieldwork at protest sites across India; data are translated, transcribed and tagged before being uploaded. It is intended be a secure database for resistance movements, a research tool to articulate new relationships within the data (by accommodating rich, searchable metadata), and serve as a repository of narratives. Through its use of open protocols, the archive offers protestors a secure alternative to proprietary social media platforms. [see video documentation below]

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Artefacts of Resistance: Creating Archives of Transnational Protest Movements
is a collaboration between Srilata Sircar of King’s College London’s King’s India Institute and Manu Luksch as part of the King’s College London x Somerset House Studios Programme
in collaboration with Ufaque Paiker, Ashoka University; Mukul Patel,; Raktim Ray, UCL.

Archival materials are drawn from the project Transnational Infrastructures of Resistance: From Empire to Occupation funded by the Antipode Right to the Discipline grant.
The team has secured support from the AHRC Imagining Futures fund 2023 to further develop the project.