Pre-crime, predictive policing


Predictive policing is the application of analytical techniques—particularly quantitative techniques—to identify likely targets for police intervention and prevent crime or solve past crimes by making statistical predictions. 

The RAND Corporation, Predictive POLICING The Role of Crime Forecasting in Law Enforcement Operations Walter L. Perry, Brian McInnis, Carter C. Price, Susan C. Smith, John S. Hollywood. xiii online, last viewed [30 March 2016]



But let’s not kid ourselves, we are arresting individuals who’ve broken no law.
JAD (precrime officer) But they will.
FLETCHER (precrime officer) The commission of the crime itself is absolute metaphysics. The Precogs see the future. And they’re never wrong.
WITWER But it’s not the future if you stop it. Isn’t that a fundamental paradox? 

-Minority Report, script by Scott Frank. 2001 p27  online, last viewed [11 Feb 2016]


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